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Lucy Turvil

Lucy Turvil

Psychodynamic counsellor

About me

My original training was in nursing, and I have over twenty-five years’ experience of working
with individuals and their families. This has included hospital and community settings.

I have always been interested in psychological and emotional health and completed a BSC
(hons) in psychology with the open university in 2009. Since then I have gone on to train as
a psychodynamic counsellor at Brighton university. I am a registered member of the British
Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP.)

As part of my counselling training, I have worked in a low-cost counselling service for a
number of years. I now work in private practice and have experience of working with adults
both short and long-term in relation to anxiety and depression, loss and bereavement,
transitional changes, relationships, abuse, sexuality, low self- esteem and personal


I have a particular interest in how we move through the stages of life and how
our perspectives change and are influenced by this. With a background in nursing, I'm also
interested in working with those in the helping professions.
Although my training is psychodynamic, I believe that there is more than one way of
exploring emotional distress. Sometimes our life experiences narrow our perspective and
there is a lot to be gained from working together to help you think about why you feel as you

Maybe you’re in a difficult relationship or you feel that your relationships don’t last. Many of
us struggle to make a life transition or cope with a change or loss in our lives. Perhaps you
feel your life is lacking meaning. 

I can help you make sense of these experiences by understanding their meaning for you and
explore ways in which you can help yourself and develop personally. 
​When you have a greater understanding of yourself, you can find a new perspective on your
feelings that may not have felt possible before. Sometimes even small changes in how we
view things can make a difference. 
We often limit ourselves with judgements and self-criticism. I can help you think about the
ways in which you can be more compassionate towards yourself. 
Seeking counselling for the first time is a positive step in terms of self- care with people often
realising this once they start the process of exploration. 

Qualification: PGDip in Psychodynamic Psychotherapeutic Counselling 
I have a degree in Psychology from the Open University
I’m a Registered Nurse and District nurse with over 25 years’ experience of working in
hospital and community settings.

•Who I work with 

I work with adults on a 1:1 basis
•Areas of support

Included in ‘About me’
•Type of therapy offered 

I mostly work face to face but often combine this
with online sessions once we have worked together for a while.

£50 each 50-minute session.

You can also visit my website here;


To make contact, please click the link below. All emails received are confidential.

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