• The counselling sessions are to run for no longer than 50 minutes, to allow for a 10 minute changeover for you and the next therapist to set up and re-set the room.

  • A standard room use agreement applies for when registering

  • All bookings are invoiced at the end of each month, and are to be paid in full within 3 working days of issued invoice. Failure to pay within the 3-day period will incur a 5% charge of your total invoice amount.

  • There is a members area to cancel or reschedule your bookings.

  • All bookings are charged if they are not cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours prior to booked sessions.

  • We will need one form of identification, a copy of your professional qualification and insurance. Information and copies provided will remain confidential, filed for record only.


  • A set of keys will be provided for your use for a £20.00 returnable deposit. 

COVID-19 and Safety Measures

  • We want to ensure that our service is being used with additional safety measures in place. We have carried out a thorough coronavirus risk assessment for the use of the rooms, and have listed the strict guidelines that need to be followed to ensure the safety of our therapists and clients.

    We want to make you aware of measures that you can take whilst using the therapy rooms and provide you with further information.

  • There is anti-bacterial hand wash in both bathrooms’ downstairs.

  • There is a hand sanitising station on the landing outside the therapy rooms. This includes hand sanitiser, anti-bacterial wet wipes, tissues and a peddle bin to dispose of wipes and tissues

  • Please use the hand sanitiser before you enter the room and after your sessions. Please ask your clients to do the same.

  • There will be no drinks provided for your sessions. This is to reduce the contact of items, cups, and the spread of any infection. Please bring your own provisions for water and ask your clients to do the same.

  • Please use the therapy chairs with social distancing as much as you can. Room B is slightly smaller, so you may need to book room A for couple counselling.

  • Please use the anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down door handles and chair arms, after your session.

  • Try to not book a session straight after the person before, this is to reduce the number of people coming into contact at the same time. I understand this may not always be possible, so please keep your distance.

  • The therapy rooms are thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis with anti-bac wipes. 

  • We ask that you cancel your sessions immediately and not use our service if you start to feel unwell with a mild fever or persistent cough.

  • We want all of you to feel comfortable and safe while using our therapy rooms. Please do get in touch at info@hovecounsellingandpsychotherapy.co.uk if you would like to discuss the safety measures further.